As of this year, there are approximately 178,867 dental businesses in the United States. A large portion of these dental practices specializes in pediatric care. 

However, finding a reputable pediatric dentist can be difficult due to the many options, especially in urban areas. 

Doing your research beforehand will help ensure you find the best care for your child to make sure they feel comfortable during their visit. 

Continue reading for the complete guide on how to select a pediatric dentist in your area! 


Since there are numerous options for dentists in the United States, you’ll want to determine the good from the bad as soon as possible. Weeding out the bad choices will ensure your child gets the best dental care. Remember, some dentists tend to cut corners or overcharge, so beware. 

Start by reading online reviews to get an overall idea of each choice. Doing so will give you a better understanding of how dentists conduct business and treat their patients. Remember to read each comment and consider every negative remark. 

You can then begin narrowing your options by eliminating the most poorly rated options. Choose a few of the top-rated to continue researching. 


Once you’ve narrowed your options, you can begin contacting each business directly. You should explain your interest in a pediatric dental appointment and ask for more information on the dentist. Ask for a reference list of previous customers as well. 

Hesitation or failure to provide this list can be concerning if the company deliberately withholds this information. They could be trying to hide negative customer experiences. 

This list will have the contact information of a few of the business’s previous clients. Contacting three to five customers to get various opinions about their dental experience is a good idea. Always explain yourself and politely ask for more intel on the dentists. 

Take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Don’t forget to ask about their overall experience and if they would recommend the dental business. 


Pediatric dentistry experience is another essential aspect to consider when booking an appointment. A dentist’s experience with children can make all the difference in improving dental health. 

Before booking an appointment, you should have a decent idea of what your child’s needs are. Remember, some dentists can have minimal experience in more complex pediatric needs. 

Dentists with many years of pediatric care are usually the best choices. However, booking appointments with these dentists can be tricky since they may have an extensive clientele. 

Pediatric dentists with fewer years of experience may not be a bad choice. These dentists often go above and beyond to prove their capabilities and earn your trust. 

Costs and Insurance

Dental service prices can vary between businesses, meaning you must find a dentist within your budget. Start by creating a realistic budget for your child’s needs to avoid overspending. The more extensive procedure they need, the more money you should budget. 

Once you’ve set a budget, you can contact dental offices to set up a consultation. These consultations will give you a better idea of what your child may require from a dentist.

Most dental businesses offer free consultations that will give you an estimation of the costs. They will assess your child’s oral healthcare and determine necessary procedures. 

Dental insurance is beneficial for those who need assistance paying for procedures. Insurance will help cover or reduce the costs for most dental needs. You must also make sure the business you’re interested in accepts your insurance. 

Those without insurance will have to cover the costs out of pocket. However, some businesses allow payment plans for the more expensive procedures needed. 


Most legitimate dental businesses will have the proper licensing and accreditation. However, it never hurts to double-check their licensing. Doing so will ensure you book an appointment with an authorized dental practitioner. 

Their licensing will also give you reassurance knowing they have been adequately trained. Some states require different certifications, meaning you may need to research your state’s laws. 

Patient Rapport

Since the dentist will be servicing your child, you want to make sure they work well with children. Doing so is essential for your child’s overall comfort and care. Hiring a cold or offensive dentist can make your child scared and apprehensive. 

Most pediatric dentists work well with children and cater to their needs. Some essential traits to look for include being friendly, nurturing, and patient. 

During your consultation, make sure your child and dentist interact. As a parent, you will have a good read on how your child responds to their persona. This interaction will give you insight into how their appointments will likely go.  


Once you’ve determined your child’s needs, you’ll need to ensure the dentist you are interested in offers those services. Some pediatric dentists only specialize in specific procedures. Therefore, you must research each practitioner’s services before booking an appointment. 

Most dental offices have websites where these services are outlined. You can also contact them directly to clear up any confusion you may have.  


Finding an available dentist can be difficult since most have acquired a regular clientele. Some dental offices even decline new patients to avoid overbooking.

It’s a good idea to have a few options you’re comfortable with in case your first choice is not accepting new patients. 

How to Select a Pediatric Dentist 

This guide on how to select a pediatric dentist should help you find a reliable pediatrician to work with as soon as possible. Always check each dentist’s licensing and costs before scheduling an appointment. 

Don’t forget to contact us today to schedule your child’s first appointment! We will take the best care of them here at Grow Pediatric Dentistry!